Content Exchange Repository


Content Exchange is a global cloud based content management solution for native PowerPoint, PDF, Movies, Images and HTML content. Powerful business rules engines ensure administrative controls of all native content at every level of usage while providing necessary flexibility to end users. Includes ability to version control, archive, search, distribute, and display any piece of content anywhere in the world.

Content Exchange is an enterprise offering capable of handling a vast array of content and users from limited geographies to global activities. It is a scalable solution that is designed to maintain performance as your content libraries grow and your user base increases. Exploria maintains a single global trunk-line for its cloud based Content Repository. New features are continuously added based on internal assessment of the market and customer feedback. It is designed as a highly configurable solution allowing it to be used for a variety of activities in the life sciences. The embedded workflows are life science perfected as this is our core competency. It contains full Administrative GUIs so that anyone can administer content and take advantage of all the compliance features. An extensive web-service layer allows backwards and forward integration points to customer’s other systems.

Some of the key performance indicators that drives customer base are:

  • EXPERIENCE: Client will benefit from a partner like Exploria with Best Practice Knowledge
  • FLEXIBILITY & GROWTH: Remain compliant, evolve continuously – business rules.
  • ADMINISTRATIVE CAPABILITY: Simple to use interfaces for every process
  • CONFIGUREABILITY: Modify workflows in response to your processes
  • SEGMENTATION: Distribute and/or "firewall" content against end users
  • INTEGRATION: Seamlessly integrate to existing portals/databases or run as stand-alone
  • SCALABILITY: Enterprise – scalable for growth in amount of content/number of users
  • PERFORMANCE: Optimized for smallest download time; fastest on- and off-line user interfaces; user experience drives adoption


Allows your organization to distribute and use your content in full compliance with internal policies and legal and regulatory mandates. Organize and manage all internal and external users associated with the content in a privatized business rule driven network. Replace many siloed solutions in your organization with one enterprise solution that will meet many of your needs and drive your costs lower.


Exchange Uses

Content Exchange was designed with configurable features and workflows to meet the needs of many activities within your organization. Whether internal or external facing, each activity can be supported in full compliance.


  • Content utilization is 100% gauranteed to maintain regulatory compliance and avoid costly fines.
  • Consolidate your content across multiple activites into one global platform to eliminate silo solutions at significant cost savings.
  • Scalability in both users and content allows growth as activities evolve without incurring multiple cycles of implementation costs.
  • Proven required flexibility to all users regardless of device and browser.
  • Track your actual use of content to better manage your content development costs.