The beginning...

Exploria was founded in 1993 as a content creation company focusing on 3D animations of mechanisms of action for a variety of biological and medical targets. It developed and distributed these videos worldwide to a variety of life science companies.

In 1999, Exploria recognized a much bigger opportunity in managing content with compliance as the primary goal and developed its first software solutions to handle the vast array of workflows that life science companies were beginning to realize would be necessary to conduct business. In 2000, Exploria was the first company to develop Auto Update, an algorithm that maintained version control of content on the desktop. This was rapidly followed up by its development of a sophisticated business rule algorithm that allowed end users to apply simple rules to content in iconic form that could be nested together to create thousands of combinatorial rules to meet every conceivable challenge in compliance.

Exploria was market driven by the simple principle that the effective transfer of information empowers everyone. Exploria's evolution follows the historical issues of how information has and continues to be packaged, disseminated and managed. To respond to these issues, in 2003, Exploria pioneered a process called Modular Multi-Media® that provided new ways to package information; improving the cognitive value of educational, promotional and training materials.

Exploria continued to evolve this enterprise solution and in 2005 launched its first 100% web-based form with on/off-line extensions to various devices over the next few years. This paved the way for its Community Networks® approach to link together groups of people working with business rule driven content that was contained in the Central Repository.

The present...

Exploria combines new ways of intellectually exchanging information using business and behavior rule driven algorithms. Our intelligent information management solutions are designed to balance information control with user flexibility to provide competitive advantage on a platform that is easy to use for various life science-centric activities by employing configurable business workflows. In 2012-2013, Exploria released its latest global enterprise platform, Global Exchange, by adding numerous distribution channels that connect mobile devices and remote capabilities with the intelligence contained in its Central Repository cloud solution.

The future...

Exploria plans to devote research and design resources to the development of utilities that will utilize the business rule driven intelligence of its cloud offering to power the movement of content through customer-centric networks. This will enable life science companies to improve their access to and influence of their customers in a manner that is driven by their customer’s needs.