In the US, Exploria’s solutions are hosted in their data centers which are SSAE 16 certified and provide efficient infrastructure for the technological resources required for their business clientele. By providing a redundant, secure and reliable platform to deliver network applications, both on the public internet and privately, the infrastructure, hardware, hosting and managed services satisfy a broad range of Corporate IT requirements. The facilities feature redundant cooling, electrical, fiber optic and Internet backbone components to complement a 24x7x365 technical network operations and professional services staff. Internationally, Exploria hosts its solutions in Rackspace centers under a partnership agreement.


Global Exchange is hosted in SSAE 16 hosting environments which undergo regular security audits. In the US, Exchange is hosted in our own data centers. Globally we host in Rackspace co-location facilities via our global partnership agreement. Rackspace provides and maintains the physical infrastructure, however even in these sites, Exploria owns and maintains all its own server equipment.

Content and SQL Database back-up

The content directories for each customer are backed up directly to a NAS device on a nightly basis using Synology Disk Replication software. Each Microsoft SQL instance is backed up to the SAN (storage area network) devices that have synchronous redundant duplication to each other. The backups are stored in the root partition where the SQL instance databases are located. Each instance will have its own location. A Microsoft SQL maintenance schedule has been setup to run as follows:

Full Backup
Transaction Logs
Every two hours
Backup Maintenance
Last two weeks of backups are kept
Each SQL instance has 100GB


When a file is modified, files on the SAN units are automatically replicated in real time (instantly) to the NAS. This creates multiple backups for redundancy as the SQL, web, and application servers are being already backed to the SAN. Files are kept on the NAS unit indefinitely.

Off-site storage, validation/testing, and recovery

Tapes are used for off-site backups of all data. Full backups of the data are run bi-weekly in Backup Exec with incremental backups running nightly. Tapes are kept in one of two locations by third party providers for security purposes - the Datahal Tape Vault or Iron Mountain. Any instance of any image can be restored with 24/7 coverage. The integrity of the tapes is checked monthly for consistency and to verify that the backups can be restored correctly with all data intact.