iPad Exchange


iPad Exchange is a online / offline field presentation application that displays your content from the cloud based Content Repository.

Manage your PowerPoints, PDF’s, Movies and interactive HTML for operations on the iPad. This application allows local slide sorting of PowerPoints based on business rules to maintain compliance.


iPad Exchange supports all the business rules in the cloud based Content Repository, creating a continuum of compliance, whether the content is presented streaming on-line from the Content Repository onto the iPad or downloaded and presented off-line from the iPad. In either case, the full iOS gesture offering of the iPad is used for convenient and quick naviagation to all your content. Tracking engines record all events in both on- and off-line mode for reporting and analytics. In those countries where tracking is either limited or not allowed, the tracking engine can be turned off.

Administrators can create any external hyperlink for any piece of content to any slide or presentation using the attributes engine in the cloud based Content Repository. This provides end users in the field with immediate quick action navigation to respond to any customer need with any content format. iPad Exchange also supports all internal Powerpoint hyperlinking for fast naviagation within a Powerpoint slide deck.


iPad Exchange allows you to easily present your content in the field with native iPad gestures while still maintaining compliance. The app works both on line and off line, providing maximal flexibility to meet every environmental challenge.

With a business rule driven local slide sorter available, end users can customize slide presentations right up to their meeting time with their customer, whether on- or off-line.

The iPad offers the capability to connect to other mobile devices and in our roadmap we envision a tighter bond between end users of iPad Exchange and their customers mobile devices (iPAd, phones,etc) operating through Global Exchange. This will improve efficiencies and provide end users of Global Exchange with a better customer experience which increases adoption.



Exploria’s Global Exchange is an enterprise offering and hence highly scalable. It contains workflows for each of the activities listed above, so iPad Exchange can be used for a variety of activities. Our customers often begin with one specific activity on our platform, such as supporting their Medical Affairs department or the externet Speaker Bureau. But because we can logically separate these activities in their dedicated database or provide multiple databases in our cloud cluster, they can migrate other activities onto Global Exchange while fully maintaining the critical firewall rules for each activity. This provides for significant cost savings as one solution can replace multiple vendor solutions, reducing overhead costs and reducing vendor management.


  • Maximize Content investment while maintaining consistency in messaging.
  • Avoid costly penalties by preventing misuse of content.
  • Assess the needs and manage development of new content based on usage reports.
  • Provide flexibility offered by the iPad for a variety of uses.