Exploria provides Exchange, a compliant cloud-based global content management solution integrating mobile, remote and privatized social networking capabilities to extend your customer access, reach and influence. Exchange ensures compliance across all integrated channels through centralized business rules, segmentation, and version control for medical affairs, speaker extranets, commercial sales-forces and internal operations. Presentation controls provide versatility across mobile devices, remote exchange, and powerful privatized social networking channels. Gold standard content formats are natively supported (PowerPoint, PDF, Movies, HTML, Images, etc.).

Content Exchange Repository
  • Scalable, centralized content management
  • Business rules drive compliance
  • Auto-version controls
  • Tracking / Audit Reporting
  • Supports all native content formats
iPad Exchange
  • Controls and tracks on- and off-line presentation of content
  • Auto-syncs with Content Repository
  • Local slide sorter with business rules
  • Powerpoints, PDFs, Movies and HTML
Remote Exchange
  • Device agnostic – supports all major browsers
  • No browser plug-ins required
  • 2-3X faster than WebEx and other utilities
  • Supports one-on-one, one-on-many, many-on-many
  • Supports business rules and tracking for all content from Content Repository
Data Exchange
  • Consumes data from all Exchange channels reporting frequency, duration, most and least used content
  • Utilize data to dynamically update content within the business rules for compliance.
  • Easy to use wizard with multiple filters generates reports quickly and easily
  • Over 30 pre-formed interactive reports
  • Analytics for determining ROI on content and strategy for improving customer influence
Social Exchange
  • Business rule driven community network
  • Blogs, forums, and management of social content
  • Privatized and public communities
  • Personalized wikis