Remote Exchange


Remote Exchange is a business rule driven remote tool to present your content from the cloud based Content Repository in a compliant way. It was designed for ease of use and performance. Since it requires no browser "plug-in" as with most commonly used remote presenting tools, the end user simply clicks a link and is present in the meeting. Only content that is approved in the Content Repository can be presented in Remote Exchange. The same content that end users of iPad Exchange utilize for face to face meetings is available to Remote Exchange for virtual meetings.

Some of the basic features are:

  • Private remote "channel" to present one-on-one, one-on-many, many-on-many
  • Call log feature keeps track of pending and completed engagements
  • Supports Post Call notes entry for specific customer engagements
  • 2x faster than Webex
  • Multiple Simultaneous presenters unlike WebEx and other tools
  • Supports business rules of the Central Repository for compliance
  • Supports legacy content (ppt, pdf, movies, HTML)
  • Tracks appropriate content formats for reporting and analytics
  • No browser "plug-in" required as with WebEx, GOTO Meeting and other remote presenting tool

Remote Exchange


Remote Exchange is a 100% compliant tool for presenting your content to your customers. Content that is exchanged between the Content Repository and Remote Exchange remains intact with business rules that govern how the content is to be presented. The same rules that are applied in the Content Repository are consumed by Remote Exchange, just as with iPad Exchange. So end users need only be familiar with their content once and know how it will be utilized in all the distribution channels of Exchange. This coupled with the simplicity of use by both the host (presenter) and the participant (your customer) increases the level of adoption.

  • Allow anyone inside or outside of your organization by a simple click of a link to engage you remotely.
  • More universal, requires no browser plug in.
  • Only your approved content can be shown maintaining corporate compliance



Remote Exchange was designed to support a variety of activities in the life science vertical. Globally there has been an increasing usage of remote tools to create more efficiency and save costs in every organization. Based on our interviews with our customer base, it is clear that many use Remote Exchange as a secondary touchpoint with their customers, in between live visits. However, for certain activities, the adoption as a primary form of communication is growing.


  • Travel / lost time cost savings
  • Unlimited geographical reach
  • Easier for customers to commit time at their convenience
  • Full compliant solution with only approved content from Content Repository
  • Simplicity of use increases user adoption – No Browser plug in