At Exploria, our mission is to keep customer satisfaction high by offering exceptional products and service. We are dedicated to providing customers with numerous opportunities to interact with our team when a technical question or incident may arise. Our 24/7 global support offering provides customers with an Account Manager and support team whom all have a deep expertise with our systems.

Customers can contact Exploria’s Technical Support Center toll free at: 1-866-523-8864,, or via regarding any issues or problems they may have relating to the Global Exchange. We hold standard business hours: Monday to Friday: 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST. After hours technical support is available by appointment. Calls left on voicemail in the evening are returned promptly the next business day.

Alternatively there is a 24/7 Call Center option available that can be reached globally. Built into the solution is an on-line help facility that is indexed against each function so that users do not have to scroll through an entire document to find the relevant topic. There is also a Quick Access FAQ.

Upon receiving a call/email, Exploria’s Technical Support Department representative routes the call directly to the appropriate representative or technical advisor. The representative will ask questions about the problem and log all pertinent details in a call tracking database. Technical Support issues are typically resolved in the initial contact. The flowchart below showcases how issues are handled.


Customer Support

We have physical locations in:
Hartford, CT
Paris, France
Muenster, Germany
Beijing, China

At Exploria we know that our serving our clients and being an engaged partner contributing to their success is a requirement. We are committed to service excellence, product superiority, and our customers.