Training is an essential part of enterprise wide compliance and critical to ensuring that business rules are adhered to. Our Global Exchange solution assures that users follow regulations with minimal training.

All of Exploria’s Global Exchange products employ a simple and easy to use interface that provides superb user experience. Users have very little to learn to use the system as each screen is highly intuitive. Administrators can complete our training course, either live or remotely, in as little as two to four hours. User Training takes less than fifteen minutes and can also be conducted live or remotely if required as applications are wizard driven and self learning.

Each product in Exploria’s Global Exchange contains a user manual with clear, detailed instructions and system documentation.

New clients for Exploria’s Global Exchange are provided with a training video, Powerpoint, and Training and FAQ documents. We can customize a training video for new customers, with their brand, for our Global Exchange products.

Exploria’s CMS Navigation Specialists readily attend symposiums and provide live trainings in breakout sessions for both individuals and large groups. Our specialists conduct "train the trainer" sessions and are highly skilled in adult learning processes. They provide both a general overview of the systems and a personalized detailing of each module and its powerful capabilities.